Who the Heck is Cricket?

I know, I know.  The thing is, when you create a new blog, the first question it asks you is what you want to name it.  I didn’t want this blog’s name to imply it was going to be written by both Tom and me, so “tomncristy” (or any variation) was out.   I also am getting really sick of “cloudyeyz.”  That was my very first (like, yahoo email first) unique username when the whole interweb thing got started.  Yes, I’m old enough to remember when AOL was big.  Anyway, I was really proud of “cloudyeyz” when I made it and have since used it for all sorts of things, but it’s just feeling kind of done nowadays.  I also hate usernames that are just my name with some number (or date) attached.  AND, I wanted a name that people would be able to remember how to spell if they wanted to look it up at some point, and since “Cristy” is a very easily misspelled name, I thought I’d save people some trouble there.

Okay, so that’s all cool, you’re saying, but where did “cricket” come into it?  I’ve always been kind of bitter about the fact that I’ve never had a nickname.  Nobody ever called me “Cris” or “Crissy” or whatever.  Mostly, teachers just called me “Shannon” (my maiden name), which is really stupid because it means that as they were running their fingers down the list of students, they read everybody else’s first name by skipping over the last name (or vice versa), but when they got to mine, they decided to read it the other way around.  They would claim that I had “two first names,” but seriously, how hard is it to just read the name that’s in the same place as everyone else’s and assume THAT’s the first name?  *sigh*  Anyway, can you tell I’m a teensy bit bitter?

So.  Where was I?  Yes, no nicknames.  So, the first time anyone really called me something else was when my little sister, Steffany, pronounced my name “Cricky.”  I always loved that, but for some reason (maybe because I moved out of the house when she was still pretty young?  who knows?), the name didn’t stick.  So, fast-forward to one of my other sisters having a little one several years later, and I can’t remember if she (my niece) pronounced it “Cricket” or if her dad (my bro-in-law) came up with it, or if I requested that they refer to me that way with her or what.  (I know, it’s pretty sad that I’d have to instruct a child to mispronounce my name in order to feel special.  Geesh.)  So, I’m now “Aunt Cricket” to her and any other nieces and nephews who choose to take it on, and “Grandma Cricket” to my great-grandson (step, complicated, different story I’ll tell later if someone doesn’t know it already).  So, it’s kind of a made-up nickname in that I think I gave it to myself, but I don’t care.  I like it, and the parents don’t seem to mind it, so there you go.

Also, when I was searching the interweb for ideas, I happened upon a definition of “cricket” I’d never heard before, which I thought was pretty cool:


2.  fair play; honorable conduct  (Ex:  It wouldn’t be cricket to look at his cards.)

I have to admit here that I’m pretty sure this is related to the game played in jolly old England, which I know nothing about, but, hey, it’s positive, and I’m all about Finding the Positive!

Okie, that’s enough for now.  I need to get to work studying.  Later, dudes.



Here I Am!

My life is so full right now, you’d think I wouldn’t have time for blogging, but the truth is… it’s relaxing for me.  I find peace when I put words out there and spend some time reflecting.  Even if no one ever reads this blog, I know that it’ll do ME good to write it.

So, here’s what I’m going to do:

  • I’m going to be honest.
  • I’m going to write whatever the heck I feel like writing.
  • I’m going to stop worrying about the audience and write for myself; if some other folks enjoy reading it, too, yay!

Sometimes, I’m going to:

  • Be political.
  • Be emotional.
  • Complain.
  • Count blessings.
  • Give TMI.
  • Talk about family (good and bad).
  • Get reeeeally wordy.

So.  You’ve been warned.  Come along.  Enjoy.  Laugh, cry, snort.  Whatever floats your boat, dude.  Oh, and I use the word “dude” a lot.  Okie, that’s it for this time.  Welcome aboard! 🙂

Cristy (aka Cricket)